Gulag NOLA

Listen to The Intercept spoken edition podcast about Landrieu’s gulag inclinations. Security City now policed by Homeland Security to help out the city’s tourist sales department, at the expense of residents’ freedom. This is the podcast version of Intercept’s reporting. It’s important. Forward to all your friends, and maybe a few enemies. Don’t miss the parts about the Gulag Continue reading Gulag NOLA

Faces Places (Visages Villages)

Agnes Varda’s delicious Faces Places (Visages Villages) had a brief run in Zeitgeist, then two showings in the French Film Festival at the Prytania last month. It is available on Amazon download now, for purchase or rental. It is rewarding to see, a few times. Henry and Jonathan discuss the chemistry between Agnes Varda, with Godard the last of the Continue reading Faces Places (Visages Villages)

Morvern Callar re-run

The recording of our Morvern Callar Conversation, published February 23, had some technical audio problems. We got reports that some listeners couldn’t hear it. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Jonathan took it into the backroom where the secret software hides and gave it the treatment. We hope this works better. If you haven’t seen Morvern Callar yet, Lynn Ramsay’s Continue reading Morvern Callar re-run

National Embarrassment Playoffs

Hey! Did you see it happen? Did you catch the moment that Trump was elbowed into the #2 slot? I missed it but a loyal NOLAscape reader tipped me off about the memorable moment  when Wayne LaPierre pushed Trump off the winner’s podium as premier public asshole in our life. Although slightly above normally repellent, LaPierre’s CPAC speech recycled the Continue reading National Embarrassment Playoffs

Pitchforks and Planning

There are burning questions in this troubled land. Is Devin Nunes as stupid as he looks? Or is that affectless mask an asset to the kakistocratic gang he works for? Big question, but not on today’s agenda. Right here in Swamp City, a local chapter of the Christian Fascist Right that is degrading western civilization’s Enlightenment values has hooked up Continue reading Pitchforks and Planning

Security Scam

NOLAscape’s back! (To the tune of Heeeeere’s Johnny!) Been on some trips and projects, so NOLAscape has had a little break, Almost everything attracting and distracting our attention has been national (we’ll come to that in another episode) or Alabama – less fun for a relaunch than NOLA stuff. The Poetics of Politics But now I see another outbreak of Continue reading Security Scam