Ditch the ‘7 Essentials’!

Dear Downtown Neighborhood Associations, VCPORA, FQC and FMIA  Why not take the opportunity offered by the Woolworth report to step up and help the City? Don’t be afraid. It will help your neighborhoods, too. Give up your combative approach to sound management. Lose the mean-spirited “7 Essentials.” Set your social lens to a wider angle. Participate in a real process of Continue reading Ditch the ‘7 Essentials’!

ALERT! Downtown Noiseniks creating secret vocabulary!

[Language] becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts. George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language, 1946 Noise and sound are early casualties. Word watchers are maintaining vigil to prevent a fall from VCPORA’s fragile grip on current reality into an Orwellian abyss. In Continue reading ALERT! Downtown Noiseniks creating secret vocabulary!

Noise Zombies

First posted 10 September 2013 In the interest of conciliation and understanding between the group called the “Culture Bearers” and the ones called the “Residents”, I ask one question. Well, maybe more than one. The terms are pretty clumsy, right? What is a “Culture Bearer?” I get the image of a high priest slowly carrying a precious, delicate wooden box Continue reading Noise Zombies

Sound Ecology

First posted 30 August 2013 Dave Woolworth, NOLA City Council’s consultant for recommendations on revision or replacement of the existing Sound Ordinance, presented his report for city council and interested attendees on 19 August. If I had to characterize it in one word, it would be ecological. Woolworth recognizes and strives to integrate the interests of all stakeholders – bars Continue reading Sound Ecology

Who’s the Bully in the Pulpit?

17 August 2013 i/uploads/2013/09/image8.jpg”> Catch-up: The people behind a web site called “Hear the Music, Stop the Noise” have been agitating for a revision to the New Orleans “noise ordinance.” Is it an organization, a few individuals or a coalition, as it claims on its web site? The neighborhood organizations who seem to be its active supporters are VCPORA (Vieux Continue reading Who’s the Bully in the Pulpit?