Eggelhofer’s Emotional Quotient (EQ)

FQMD Science Committee has invited the eminent Swiss psychometrician, Dr Engelbert Eggelhofer, to come to New Orleans to present a series of lectures on some of his discoveries in measurement of emotions, social emotions and the propagation of social emotionality through societies and neighborhoods, and their modulation by Neighborhood Associations. Eggelhofer’s intensity scales can quantify emotions in two dimensional and Continue reading Eggelhofer’s Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Pitchfork Pieces

“. . . she was even talking about giving enforcement authority to an unethical organization like VCPORA and their executive director, Meg Lousteau.” “Just to recap: Palmer and VCPORA harassed, threatened, and tried to get the police to intimidate the To Be Continued (TBC) band, an innocent group of high school musicians who played their instruments to the merriment of Continue reading Pitchfork Pieces

They just won’t stay down . . .

  This is now going to pale before Richard Webster’s great series on exposing Nathan Chapman’s sponsor and Cheron Brylski’s employer as under investigation by police and the FBI for intimidation. In case you missed it, A few days ago, The Brylski “Company” sent this to the local papers. Bold black is the press release. Blue is Nolascape Continue reading They just won’t stay down . . .

The Soundscape Game – State of Play

I am going to try to write a post without caricature. If you are bored already, okay, check back later. Sides Now Current contenders are not “for” and “against,” which still occasionally turn up in some contexts, usually by people not well acquainted with the history or state of play. All sides recognize that there will be a new sound Continue reading The Soundscape Game – State of Play

The Hoodie Manifesto

  Big doings at FQMD Government Committee this afternoon, when Dave Woolworth presents the first of three sessions on the science of sound and propagation, for progress on good sound law in New Orleans and Bourbon Street particularly as launch pad. FQ neighborhood associations VCPORA and FQC are on strike, or at least in unresolved dispute with FQMD, so cannot Continue reading The Hoodie Manifesto

The Sausage Grinder

  “Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”             Wrongly attributed to Otto Von Bismarck In an email to Smith, Chapman questioned whether the impartiality of the neighborhood group’s sound expert, Arno Bommer, could be called into question because of his affiliation with Smith. Bommer has provided paid expert testimony Continue reading The Sausage Grinder

Richard Webster finds the Secret Tunnel

Richard Webster must now be our top candidate for the Pulitzer. If you have not read “Attorney Stuart Smith calls on city to fire sound expert”, I suggest click the link, read it and come right back to explore the next level. Richard is a real reporter; he has constraints that I don’t, so let’s skip right along now. “At Continue reading Richard Webster finds the Secret Tunnel

The Vigilante Lawyer is Back!

You have to read this. Put on some Sergio Leone spaghetti western music for background. Fistful of Dollars should do it, or The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Then let’s strip it down and see what kind of smelly little chunks of offal slithered out of the sausage grinder and got stuck in the corners. “Bold and historic move.” Continue reading The Vigilante Lawyer is Back!

French Quarter Management District, Government Committee

I couldn’t get to last Monday’s meeting. A shame because I am a fan. Maybe since I was not there, I should let it go. But let’s play with a couple of topics anyway. The temptation to hang some preachy stuff on them and poke a bit of fun at one or two of the pompous among us is too Continue reading French Quarter Management District, Government Committee

Seven Guiding Principles of Sound Management

Another entry, Anonymous again! I wonder whether these entries have been smuggled out from inside VCPORA/FQC.  What if normal, generous, inclusive people have infiltrated the Hoodie cults? Sleeper cells, lurking under deep cover to rejoin humanity when the time is right. Until then, it would not do to show critical thought, flexibility or inclusiveness under their own names. Anonymous heroes, quietly Continue reading Seven Guiding Principles of Sound Management