Guess Who Represents You? Or does he?

Are you fed up of this damn’ sound thing? I am. Why is the city government being pinned to the wall by a small clique of rabid Preservationists appointing themselves the city’s lifestyle police? Come on, let’s knock this damn thing on the head and move on. Move on! Do we have more important things to do, or not? The Continue reading Guess Who Represents You? Or does he?

Same old . . . .

Sometimes, between looking for conspiracies to expose and conspiracy exposés to debunk, I think about, Why are the Hoodies really doing this sound stuff? By really, I mean, you know, really. What’s going on? Do they even know themselves? Chapman the noise angel tells about halcyon days in the 90s when it was quieter, when you could sleep with your Continue reading Same old . . . .

Tomorrow Morning redux

“Tomorrow Morning” happened. Pretty good. Very good, really. CM Kristin Palmer’s summary of the situation and guidance of the meeting was fair, focused and efficient. Dave Woolworth was realistic, factual and practical. This is no fun at all. Can’t get any jokes out of people doing things right. Everything seems to be moving right along toward a good outcome of Continue reading Tomorrow Morning redux

Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning council’s Housing and Human Needs Committee will turn to the sound ordinance again, this time just for Bourbon Street. The session starts at 10.00 AM. Dave Woolworth will present a report of recent activities and preliminary recommendations. it is sure to be interesting. Richard Campanella just wrote a whole book about Bourbon Street. If anything can make a Continue reading Tomorrow Morning

Pitchfork Pieces 3

  Look! Nathan is back! And about the Noise Ordinance, the scene of the crime! What a fun present after the cold wet Mardi Gras. Let’s recognize his resurfacing by having the pop-up clown out to take a bow: “I just think it’s funny in the state of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and Bobby Jindal that we’re having meetings in a strip Continue reading Pitchfork Pieces 3

Retailer’s Riposte, Attachment 2

In Defense of Tourism, T-Shirts, and Tolerance (The moral, legal, and economic case against the City’s current treatment of souvenir merchants, as shared by Sadiq Khan, a local businessman and French Quarter shopkeeper since 1983) RE: Docket NumberS: BZA 017-14; BZA 022-14; BZA 021-14; BZA 018-14 The principles of tolerance and collaboration are essential to New Orleans and represent the fundamental Continue reading Retailer’s Riposte, Attachment 2

Retailer’s Riposte, attachment 1

BRIEF SUMMARY OF FACTS AND POLICY CONSIDERATIONS TO THE BOARD OF ZONING ADJUSTMENTS BY SADIQ H. KHAN RE: BZA 017-14, BZA 022-14, BZA 021-14 MAY IT PLEASE THE BOARD: 1) Personal views and feelings about the taste, value, or beauty of our legal, non-conforming use have no relevance to the factual question before the board. As an orderly and fair Continue reading Retailer’s Riposte, attachment 1

A Retailer’s Riposte

I thought “Preservation Retail” would probably be boring for most people. In fact, there has been a great deal of interest and strong reactions. One of the most interesting has been from William Khan and the Khan family, who are actually in the T-shirt and souvenir shop business, which has generally been treated with snobbish, unattractive disdain by VCPORA’s hatchet Continue reading A Retailer’s Riposte

Pitchfork Pieces 2

“Nola Tourism Economy” sent us the link supposed to show Kristin Palmer proposing to set Meg Lousteau up as Sheriff Meg. You can see it in the Comments to the first Pitchfork Pieces. The CM’s comment was tongue in cheek, signaled by a wink and a nod. She was making the point that Mlle. Lousteau and the VCPORA Irregulars are Continue reading Pitchfork Pieces 2