Getting on Their Case

  Something really fun dropped into the in-box last night. A friend sent me a copy of View, the VCPORA newsletter, of September 2007. The title is the obvious pun on Vieux CarrĂ©, the twee name for the French Quarter the clubs like to use. It sounds more authentic. ‘Vieux’ in French sounds like ‘view’. Get it? In New Orleans Continue reading Getting on Their Case

What is Senator Murray Playing At?

Is there a Continuing Education requirement for politicians and elected officials, as there are for real estate agents and financial advisers? Maybe State Senator Edwin Murray missed a few classes. If what he got up to in the last week of the legislative session is career typical, he needs the kind of lesson arrogant pols get from an informed public Continue reading What is Senator Murray Playing At?

NOPD and the Sad, Slow Apocalypse

The information in this article comes to us from Bob Simms, chairman of the Security Task Force of French Quarter Management District. The facts are Bob’s. Conclusions and any errors are mine. About three years ago, New Orleans had 1,540 police officers. Today, we are down to 1,100. Most people who work on the issue believe we should be at Continue reading NOPD and the Sad, Slow Apocalypse