Police Town Meeting

They’re doing it again. I am requesting a meeting with CM Ramsey to give her one last chance to reverse this process. If she declines, this is going to James Gray, Jason Williams or Jared Brossett. I will also want to know: why do all male Council Members’ names begin with “J”? Talk about conspiracy! These meetings interfere with freedom Continue reading Police Town Meeting

Prominent Citizens Cyberstalking

  Have you seen the comments on the Times-Pic’s article about lawyer Stuart Smith being charged with a crime called “cyberstalking”? Lots of people talking about it and writing surreal comments, so you probably have. What the heck is cyberstalking anyway? I thought it was when a bunch of girls pick on one girl on Facebook for not being cool Continue reading Prominent Citizens Cyberstalking

Ramsey Evening at FQA-NOLA

  Did you go? To the French Quarter New Orleans Advocate Nadine Ramsey ‘Meet and Greet’ I mean. It was good! This kind of thing has to stop. It is really difficult to write funny stuff when people do things right. Socially perfect. Bryan Drude’s house and outside spaces are superb. Good snacks and refreshments, timing perfect for combining conversation Continue reading Ramsey Evening at FQA-NOLA

Is French Quarter-New Orleans tough enough for Nadine Ramsey?

I might annoy or even lose some friends today, but there would be no real point to NOLAscape if I skirted around observations or just go gentle for access. Tomorrow evening French Quarter Advocates-New Orleans is hosting a Nadine Ramsey Meet and Greet. I can’t find it on their web site, so can’t link to it, but it will be Continue reading Is French Quarter-New Orleans tough enough for Nadine Ramsey?

$1,000 Fines

In view of the Bourbon Street gun craziness yesterday, attacking the petty concerns of petty people might seem out of place. But maybe that is the time – when the triviality shows against the background of greater craziness. People who can’t aim or don’t bother, probably boys, carrying guns powered by fear, with a hair-trigger set somewhere in their brain, Continue reading $1,000 Fines