August 26th: Diary of a Day

Vieux Carré Commission Architectural Committee: Habana Café The preservation and NIMBY clubs are on the march today. No gladiatorial contests on at the arena, so I went along to City Hall to see some blood sport. First was Habana Outpost. VCPORA has generally seemed sort of played out recently, mumbling the same platitudes to decreasing audiences, appearing increasingly cranky and Continue reading August 26th: Diary of a Day

Great Police Article

I just read an article in Counterpunch on militarized and intimidation policing so good, I am just going to re-print it. I am going to become an old nag on the subject of the quality of police work and especially their interaction with people and communities. It should be a concern especially now, while NOPD numbers are down, the administration Continue reading Great Police Article

Laws of shame, and more police

  The ankle biters that are sucking the life out of this city, trying to gentrify us into a lace doily suburb, are out of their cage again. I understand this little respectability nightmare is up in City Council tomorrow. NOLAscape says: oppose this thing. Civilly disobey it if it passes. We can do better than regulations as disgracefully Continue reading Laws of shame, and more police

More T-Shirt Twitchery – a NOLAscape Quickie

  We and others are having our honesty indirectly challenged. By VCPORA, of all people. Talk about pots and kettles! In my experience, VCPORA has never acknowledged or retracted an inaccurate statement or apologized for misleading. Our policy is the opposite: we acknowledge any factual error or disproved conclusion immediately. I have just heard the third bit of feedback since Continue reading More T-Shirt Twitchery – a NOLAscape Quickie

T-Shirt Day at the BZA

  The T-shirt wars are great fun. Not because of some essential civic importance. Had the watchdoggies’ assault succeeded, there would be a few more empty shops in the French Quarter, a few hundred more unemployed. Some of the empty shops would become bars or daiquiri shops. A few might re-open under various categories, transmute over time into T-shirt shops. Continue reading T-Shirt Day at the BZA

Shamarr Allen meets the Bear: No Excuses, 1.

  What’s going on with how people are reacting to State Police rousting Shamarr Allen two weeks ago? That is: hardly at all. Don’t you – we – care? Is there some fear or reluctance to discuss police issues, beyond saying there are not enough of them and they should be paid more? Would that be going outside the lines Continue reading Shamarr Allen meets the Bear: No Excuses, 1.