The End of the World

The End of the World has made some strange bedfellows. Noam Chomsky says people have enabled disaster. Smart enough to create complex industrial/consumer/war economy, fueled by extracting and burning hydrocarbons, but not smart enough to understand the cost or control the distortions of capitalist economy. So skipping a few hundred steps, masters and subjects will coordinate in a dumb danse Continue reading The End of the World

Brylski and the Upstarts

Talk about your historic gems – these tidbits come to us from Cheron Brylski’s Krewe of Truth email circle. I am absolutely in awe. She tries to be funny in one part! And almost makes it. A bit heavy-handed and then apologizes and explains, probably feeling quite giddy at the unfamiliar feeling. She wants to watch out for a nose Continue reading Brylski and the Upstarts