CZO Hi Jinx Lagniappe

This is a follow-up on CZO Hi and Lo Jinx. Extra stuff.¬†Lagniappe, in the vernacular. After the building on Royal Street fell down, the Times-Pic put up a Meg Lousteau video soundbite. There’s a big surprise, right? And they put Prescott Stokes III on it. There’s another. I wonder if VCPORA’s PR oppo asks for Stokes specifically, and if they Continue reading CZO Hi Jinx Lagniappe

CZO Hi and Lo Jinx

While the Gnomes of NOLAscape (new recruits to the cause) are mulling over the exact text to review last week’s shifty, complex and subtle NOLA Patrol council meeting, which they say requires philosophical appreciation through a cracked Hegelian lens (they are still deciding who to piss off most, and first) I sidled into Friday’s special CZO meeting. And it was Continue reading CZO Hi and Lo Jinx

Patrolling NOLA Patrol

I was imagining harsh retaliation for Council President Stacy Head’s unattractive, disrespectful attempt to squelch Chris Young speaking on behalf of FQBL, a business organization which had been prepared to subsidize added security in the Bourbon Street area with more than $500,000 annually until the city got its police problem straightened out, in yesterday’s Council discussion of the controversial NOLA Continue reading Patrolling NOLA Patrol

French Quarter Management Reshuffle

If you don’t live in the French Quarter, you may think French Quarter Management District is just another local affair, probably dominated by the same scolds who try to block new restaurants, clubs and bars, shut down music, harass T-shirt shops they do not think are sufficiently fashionable, and generally function as a boil on the butt of progress. It Continue reading French Quarter Management Reshuffle