Life, Death and Immortality: Banning Biology

Well, we lost. The smoking ban passed. Clearly conspiring against satire, speakers on both sides were articulate and sincere. In the good old Sound Ordinance days of 2014, the opposition was reliably dishonest and badly behaved, so press freedom could function properly. And they will be again. The Sound Ordinance will soon emerge blinking from the dungeons, and we will Continue reading Life, Death and Immortality: Banning Biology

The Smoking Game

A CYNICAL TAKE ON THE SMOKING BAN Views expressed here may not reflect the opinions of the editor. However, that does not prevent their being true In a few hours, the City Council meeting will start that will embed another step in LaToya Cantrell’s progress to civic sainthood, as she keeps us alive and safe, protected from other people’s cigarettes. Continue reading The Smoking Game