Faubourg Marigny “Improvement” Associations’s hearing of its attempt to put a Temporary Restraining Order on the City’s Riverfront Overlay was today. Wonderful show. Great fun. Free entry. No commercials. The audience included a fair sampling of the Generals of militant residentialism – Meg Lousteau, Pat Meadowcroft, Carol Gniady. Robert McClendon of the Times-Picayune got his story in quick, and set Continue reading T.R.O.

Assez! ¡Basta! Enough!

I was writing an article in support of Council Member Ramsey’s amendments NMR 14-17 when I heard that she had withdrawn them. That means that the residents’ fascist groups must have ganged up effectively, and I am too late. WE are too late. That probably means VCPORA in charge. VCPORA is craftier than the others, more experienced at massaging data Continue reading Assez! ¡Basta! Enough!

Untitled on Press

How about a NOLAquickie? Scaling down from Big Religion to one development project in one corner of one neighborhood. But it’s an important neighborhood. I live in it. Sean Cummings, a leading developer with a strong focus on Bywater, hosted two Neighborhood Participation meetings at the warehouse properties he and his partners have purchased at and around 2940 Royal Street Continue reading Untitled on Press