Old Time Dividers in the Political Tool Kit

Are you still feeling a little bit queasy at Cheron Brylski’s agreement memo with the leaders of the venerable, pretentious advocates of repression, VCPORA/FQC? If not, read it again. If that doesn’t do it for you, you may be one of them. Think about signing up for an exorcism. She outed some of their political operations, which should be off Continue reading Old Time Dividers in the Political Tool Kit

Token Contest

Following a self-inflicted pratfall, VCPORA/FQC are on their bums but trying to smile through it. In view of their ethical lapses – well, really one ethical lapse lasting years – kicking them while they are down is acceptable. Commendable, in fact. But we have to have a little bit of sympathy. They have had difficulty finding the right Token Black Continue reading Token Contest

Twisting slowly in the wind

One of the fun things in local news today is watching the VCPORAns wriggle and twist to get themselves out of the mess their flack, Cheron Brylski, dumped them into Friday. Here’s one attempt. Poor President Pat, having to come up with this stuff to cover Brylski’s cockup, and then pass it off to the rank-and-file, who normally just pay Continue reading Twisting slowly in the wind

The Advocate almost meets real reporting

Have you seen what The Advocate “reported” about Brylski, VCPORA/FQC and her fragrant little memo? http://www.theneworleansadvocate.com/news/13484697-148/consultant-spills-the-beans-on#comments If I had a subscription to that comic, I would cancel it. Whoever wrote that thing (no byline) it tries to look like “journalism” but it is just an integral part of VCPORA/Brylski’s damage control effort. Does somebody on the Advocate owe Brylski or Continue reading The Advocate almost meets real reporting

Pants Down, Hood On

“White Space” was about crypto-racism. This morning something popped into my inbox that doesn’t even bother with the racial codes. It’s just out there. It shows us a part of White Space that we might call Bottom Feeder Space, occupied by the French Quarter residentialists with their drawers down, trying on a pointy hat. Most of us are aware of Continue reading Pants Down, Hood On

Café Istanbul at Risk

ALERT or REMINDER For all that care. And you have to care. This is not a situation where good people can agree to disagree with respect. This conflict has one good guy, Café Istanbul, and a small gang of bad guys. Café Istanbul faces an ABO hearing next Tuesday, 15 September. Two reasons: a malicious attack by a malevolent residents’ Continue reading Café Istanbul at Risk

Emergency on Maple Street

Tomorrow in City Council a bill sponsored by Susan Guidry will be introduced. It is really sponsored by Maple Area Residents. which is run by Keith Hardie, an anti-alcohol, anti-music puritanical stalwart out of the American Gothic playbook, with possibly a more consistent stance in favor of boredom and unemployment than even VCPORA. Just to show he has the skills Continue reading Emergency on Maple Street