Istanbul and the Inquisition

Everybody interested must know at least the outlines of the Cafe Istanbul ABO hearing last Tuesday. Deferred to November 17th pending a “deal.” It turned into a seeing instead of a hearing. We came in, milled about, said hello to friends and allies, craned our necks to see who was in the chamber, took our seats, waited for the director Continue reading Istanbul and the Inquisition

Let’s Hear It for LaToya

I’m going soft. Must be succumbing to seductive Autumn weather. This is about a good thing from City Council. NOLAscape in warm and cuddly mode. (Don’t get used to it.) Being politically suspicious is just playing it safe in New Orleans. Municipal politics is one of the more respectable routes to jail, and I have been specializing in some specimens Continue reading Let’s Hear It for LaToya