Monuments: The Second Council

Sounds a bit like an ecclesiastical synod, doesn’t it? Is there life after the “Monuments” chapter of “Uncivil Wars” and “Republicans.”? Poking the sillier spots of residents associations running their little hustles or bleating about invisible encroachments on their pampered Quality of Life is one thing, but sticking pins into Republicans, theists, creationists, Confederacy aficionados, coded racism and the sacred Continue reading Monuments: The Second Council


NOLAscape is going national for about 1,500 words. ¬†We’ll swing back to nice things like monuments and trying to protect New Orleans civilization from its greatest non-natural threat: preservation clubs that have slipped their leash and stopped taking their meds. But with the Democrats coming up in a few hours, and signs that the DNC trying to hobble the Sanders Continue reading Republicans