Beauty and the Beasts: Istanbul v. FMIA

1. Café Istanbul Tuesday, April 19th, Café Istanbul, the excellent entertainment venue in the Healing Centre on St Claude will be at the ABO Board for a hearing that threatens its alcohol license. Why? Has Café Istanbul been accused of serving alcohol to minors or sheltering drug trades? Have their been fights or guns? Not at all. You are more Continue reading Beauty and the Beasts: Istanbul v. FMIA

The Lowest Common Denominator

The New Orleans über-“Preservationists” should now be grateful to have their own writer-in-residence, Roberta Brandes Gratz, who started her article in the Lens yesterday morning with an encomium for Jane Jacobs, whom we all respect and revere, and a paean to walkable neighborhoods, localism, preservation of older buildings either useful or of architectural merit and public transit. She adds “communities,” though Continue reading The Lowest Common Denominator