Barq and Bite

The Chamber was full at Tuesday’s City Planning meeting. The main event was a big session on STR. Not Sexually Transmitted anything – Short Term Rentals. It was overshadowed. I haven’t even seen the STR bit yet, because something really significant happened first. The opening shot of a great revolution was fired. A shot heard ‘round the block! (I dIdn’t Continue reading Barq and Bite

Stateside 2

Back to New Orleans neighborhoods! Enough of California, voter suppression and our presumptive national embarrassments that the mainstream and social media are exploiting to boost ratings. We won’t even track Trump, the unruly baboon that the Repubs can’t get a collar on, exploiting the sad Orlando mass murder and America’s astonishing level of gun violence to advance his agenda of Continue reading Stateside 2

Low Jinks in the California Primary

Let’s give the neighborhoods a break today – zoom out to the California Democratic primary. I am picking up reports of voter suppression in Los Angeles targeting probable Sanders supporters. We don’t know if it will ever make the news. Since Hillary Clinton posted a win of about 12%, it is unlikely that the Sanders campaign would be able to Continue reading Low Jinks in the California Primary