Coming Attractions

More coming soon on the disastrous Costello period of Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association and some of its lingering effects. We will attempt to see into the drama underlying the battles and the bluster. Testimony is emerging from the ongoing litigation that shows not just the grey lines linking the ferocious attack against the Elisio Lofts proposal for 501 Elysian, and Continue reading Coming Attractions

National Anthems

Owen Courreges’ column in last Monday’s Uptown Messenger took a surprising turn into the orthodoxy of American patriotism that I would not have expected of him. As the piece itself and the comments rolled along, it opened up some interesting paths of thought. Let’s wander around. His topic is Colin Kaepernick not standing up for the Star Spangled Banner. Strange, isn’t Continue reading National Anthems

FMIA Directors Meeting

  NOLAscape has stuff bursting to get out, but first I have to do this. An obligation of honor. For my soul, ragged, unbelieved-in thing that it is. I have been following a planned residential building development in the Marigny. Ten apartments and maybe a coffee house or casual restaurant in the strangely anachronous warehouse and industrial blocks of Marigny. Continue reading FMIA Directors Meeting