The Morning After the Morning After

On returning the United States to grown-up government and reinstating Civil Society, by a reformed Lesser-Evilist. (The sentence above was originally in an elegant script reminiscent of 18th century calligraphy. You would have been very impressed, but this program can’t reproduce it.) One of the casualties of Tuesday’s election – remember that? – should be lesser-evilism. Maybe we can drown Continue reading The Morning After the Morning After

Shock, not awe

Shared shell shock seems to be the dominant mood today. If there were underground shelters, we might be huddling together in them, sharing drags off mangled cigarettes. One of the disagreeable things about Trump’s electoral college win is that it gives this tacky vulgarian the prize he was after. The least deserving guy we have ever seen. W can begin Continue reading Shock, not awe