Mayor Mitch Channels D.C. Spear Shakers


If you mention Trump in writing, the Hitler comparison is never far behind, so best to get it out of the way early.


There, I said it. Personally, though, I go for Mussolini. Let’s have a poll: is Trump an alt-Mussolini or a tinpot Hitler? (Has anybody checked whether the trains are running on time yet?)

Shall I point out something, while I’m here? Yes. Thank you, I can hear the clamor. (The people love me!) This comes from Jonathan, son, New Orleans musician, composer and Sage of St. Claude: the WH schemers and strutters imitating 20th century European mob-launched autocracies don’t read enough history. Most tin potty dictators come to bad ends. Hitler wrecked Germany, then blew his brains out in a concrete bunker. Mussolini was dragged out of his palace and hung upside down from a lamp post. Ceausescu, Mlosevich, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein – they didn’t end well. As soon as they get rid of them, their countries’ missions become to erase them from memory. Even great military leaders like Julius Caesar and Napoleon faced some grim reaping, and Trump isn’t showing any signs of military ability. Besides overestimating Flynn, his first attempt at playing soldier (they don’t like to talk about it) would have been laughable if it wasn’t a deadly sick joke. Some, like Franco and Salazar, slip through into tinpot heaven by hunkering down below the battlements and limiting the damage, but their countries try to get their memory and legacy into the ground with the body, the uniform and the rows of medals they award themselves.

Stalin and Mao Tse Tung managed to die in their beds after long, murderous lives, so maybe there is some hope for Stephen Miller to continue as a psychopathic twerp under protection of a shallow, narrow, ignorant carny big bro , although in my most humble and optimistic, he is more likely to end up in a strait jacket with a Pentagon General pulling the straps tight.

Who stole Kellyanne?

Yeah, she kicked the hornet’s nest with the Ivanka plug, but come on, Trump’s cabal don’t know there is anything wrong with that. Let’s give poor Kellyanne a break. She has to lie for a living trying to cover up for crazy people, and she is plenty crazy herself, so of course she gets laughed at. It is her noble sacrifice. She takes the bullets for us. She has been sidelined by CNN and chucked out of Morning Joe by Mika Brzezinski, but there are still plenty of access whores and comedy shows out there that would appreciate the chance to own the next “alternative facts” video.

Maybe she had some kind of breakdown and needed a few weeks to knit up the raveled sleeve in rehab under an alias. A gentle exorcism. Maybe she will burst forth again, chemically face-lifted, spiritually rejuvenated, refilled with faith that truth comes from The Alt-Lord, who Saveth Us from Facts.

Give us back our Kellyanne!  Otherwise all I have is a spiritual hole left by the loss of Bill Hicks and George Carlin.

Mayor Mitch is Securing You, Ready or Not

The Teflon Master of political illusion has the NNW wind from Washington in his sails. As the family, minions and puppet masters in occupation of the White Palace turn B-movie horror into the new Constitution, our NOLAdministration (the green-tinged Perdido Palace, second floor, turn right out of the elevator. Terrorism strictly forbidden!) rolls out a “security plan.” If you say “security” three times, you’re in. Just to make sure we get it, Landrieu’s spokesperson says they had “security consultants.” Whew. I feel much better now.

The mayor says with pride to reporters that he can muscle it through without Council approval. Translation: he is the exec branch and in the new world of authoritarian posturing as a deadly fashion statement, he doesn’t have to take any lip from the likes of Jason Williams (turn left out of the elevator).

We must have this plan, they say. More accurately, this plan must have us. It is going to have us. And among the things the mayor firmly knows – he knows he is not going to pay for it.

We all know a couple of things about security consultants. We know they can attach themselves to and suck money out of cities for service to fear-mongers. We know that fear sells, and consultants help make it respectable. Fear is political crack. A steely gaze, a bit of a law enforcement or military resumé, some cop vocabulary, a carry license, and some recommendations you can get off the internet . . . I’m not saying that is what the admin’s consultants are. I’m saying there are people getting away with that, and I am saying that we should be seeing these guys in the open, facing detailed debate with our own security inquisitors, because the specific plans we are being informed about are mostly silly.

Watch out for consultants on pretext of crisis, especially when the trigger word is “security” and  their conclusions too obviously benefit or aggrandize the elected politicians who pay their fees.

Remember all the experts that made some real good money as Y2K consultants, charging fat fees to fix a non-problem?

Personally, I am used to the cameras. In my last city, there were thousands of them everywhere. But here in post-911 USA, we are in the realm of managed paranoia. Council Member Williams is right to ask: what is the access to the data recorded? Is it just local cops catching pickpockets and muggers? Or can ICE and the Border Patrol with the White House Borgias’ boot up their bums use it to persecute immigrants?  Can the FBI use it to set up one of their stings to tag hapless discontent but poor and inarticulate people, like they just did in Missouri?

“The President shall not be questioned!”

Ah, but the mayor and the consultants are invoking the Gorgon head on the shield: terrorism. Dum da dum dum. Don’t know about you, but I am fed up of terrorism. I will try to do a number on that in the next NOLAscape, but for right now, let’s just note the word. The mayor might be angling for federal money, because the T-word is a Beltway funding buzzer. But Mr Williams is right: these cameras generate digital data. If the monitors know it, the NSA knows it, too. If the NSA has it, Trump’s social police can get it. Stephen Miller can Make America Great Again right here, bringing police brutality back to our potholed streets. Chief Harrison will not be able to control the information or what ICE and the Border Patrol do with it.

They are using “terrorism” to justify these gadgets:

They are supposed to stop a “terrorist” or a nut case or somebody whose Mardi Gras has gone funny from speeding into Bourbon Street with a truck, mowing down people in the name of Allah or the White Jesus Militant wreaking Purgatorio on the annual festival of classic Catholic sin.

Thought experiment: a nefarious guy with a thick mustache offers you some big loot for scaring the hell out of New Orleans revelers on Bourbon. Mass murder is okay, just a tool of the trade. You review the defenses. “I know what I’ll do!” you conclude. “I will choose a method that won’t work! I will try to drive a truck right through that barrier thing, get blocked and get shot.” You’re only a simple terrorist, after all. It would never occur to you to cut off its power, or use a different weapon, like grenades or guns, which are all over the place, since the Second Amendment and the arms business are our symbols of freedom. Frustrated by those canny consultants, you will think: “I’ll just try the old truck trick again. Won’t work, but what they hey . . . ”  Maybe, you see, just maybe, they did not notice that if somebody steals a truck and rams it into one of the barriers, especially with some explosives in it, they will still scare the hell out of everybody, in addition to killing people between the start of their run and the barrier, even if it does go up in time.

Or maybe, just maybe, bad guys would try a different trick.

Security strategy. (1) First apply social and military pressure until the pot boils over. (2) Then bomb the pot but don’t turn off the cooker. You can’t even pretend to win without an enemy.

I am going to start a Republican peace movement: declare War on War.


Will a gay mayor from the Rust Belt be the Democrats’ next leader?

That’s a headline in the Guardian this week (2/23).

Do we really still need that crap? Isn’t sexual and partner preference a closed case yet? Pedophilia clearly is not; ask Milo Yiannopolis. Trans bathrooms are capable of wearing pickup truck ruts in the Southern Republican mind while the bloodhound blows the dog whistle – check Milo again, North Carolina, and the NBA.

Equal pay, anti-abortion mania, rape culture, child marriage, honor killings, female genital excision, burkas, religious right body and bedroom police – there are plenty of social gender and sex topics still open for serious discussion. But gay? Still? That is getting to the level of puerility of Trump on campaign trying to lay one on Cruz (another national nightmare) because his third trophy wife was more coiffed, botoxed, made up and expensively dressed than his opponent’s real wife. The Guardian has a responsibility to be more intelligent and connected to the culture of 2017 than Donald J. 45. Buttigeig is running for DNC chair not deacon of the megachurch.

The ostensible problem of homosexuality in politics used to be that you could be blackmailed for it. That’s pretty much over except in countries still in or ahead of us in re-entering the Dark Ages, so forget it. Talk about something that matters politically.

Late Breaking

Welcome back, Kellyanne! In the supportive nest of CPAC, in cheerful bright colors, she told us that the hoots and hollers and laughter are just because she is a woman in a position of power. Nothing to do with the stuff she says. Pure magic! 

© NOLAscape February 2017

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“Flynn Facts”: lubricant drips from the finely tuned machine

I have a file of local topics that Insane Clown Prez Trump won’t let me get to. The compulsion to watch this strangely shaped and colored bag of mental and character enablements and limitations is like waving gently about in front of a cobra – if you stop, it might strike.

This “press conference” (Thursday 2/16) might do it, though. Liberating. A couple of things are coming clear. (Going Clear?)

Trump is stressing that the Flynn leaks are illegal. He avoids mentioning that Flynn’s actions were illegal. To make sure we believe him (does he know how hard that is?) he repeats, “I stress that,” with one of his mysterious finger mudras to reinforce the solemnity and importance of this Presidential fatwa. This part of his performance is another blow at the security agency career people who may in the end be the ones who bring him down. He is telling us that he still thinks he can beat them. That confidence might have been installed in his strange mind by the clearly insane Stephen Miller. If the CIA and the others bring him down, it would be a relief, but also something like a military coup, a bad precedent. We may get to see whether it is a price worth paying.

Asked about Flynn’s Russian muddle a few days before, as a habitual or compulsive liar, the clown prince said, “I have not heard of those reports.” He could have said, “We are looking into it. I am not ready to make statement just yet,” but apparently finds it more natural to lie and deny. He is not even a good liar – it was obvious in that interview, from the blanked, falsely serious expression and constricted voice, that he was lying – which I think tells us something significant about the counterfactual nonsense he says with a bright expression and confident voice.

Spokes-creatures Spicer and Kellyanne had told contradictory stories to muddy the ground and submerge the reality, preparing the ground for the weird presser.

Well, leaving that pair of comedians to wrangle the alternative realities gives us a fine opportunity to look behind the curtain to see if the wizard has his new clothes on.

The Flynn scandal fun might identify one of the White House factions jockeying for influence and leaking against each other every day: Pence. President 45 now admits he knew about the Flynn problem weeks ago. How many weeks ago? Was he behind Flynn’s actions? He said he did not order Flynn to discuss sanctions, but he would have if Flynn had not been doing it anyway, “because that was his job.” No, it wasn’t. Once again, the so-called President is either clueless or dribbling BS. It could have been his assignment when he had been confirmed and taken office, but not when he was an unconfirmed nominee and Trump wasn’t President yet. Making commitments or arrangements with foreign officers of state is illegal under a law made while the ink was hardly dry on the Constitution, specifically intended to ensure that incoming administrations could not undermine the work of incumbents.

Could this be Trump’s undeniable talent for counterfactual creativity adjusting the calendar to suit his soundbite?

The Trump cabal has shown that they think of law not as rules of constraint or decent behavior, but as obstacles to be dealt with by aggressive dictating, politicking, gaslighting and lawyers. That might be okay for a property guy hustling hardball politicians in New York. In the White House, stuff like that has the sulfurous whiff of treason.

To be clear, I don’t think rapprochement with Russia is wrong, not necessarily even if some private interest is in the mix. The factions trying to re-start the Cold War are as foolish and dangerous as Trump’s gang, who are trying to scapegoat Muslims and Mexicans and provoke hostile response from ISIS, Iran and China. Successful outcomes by either of them would be a money pump from taxes and bonds into the armaments and war industries, a welfare program for the wealthy. Trump’s crude, clumsy performance makes it less likely that he will achieve his objectives, or stop the anti-Russians, but the system is tilted so that it won’t matter much for Americans.

Time out: have you seen the wild news – if true – that Wendi Deng, gold digger supreme, right out of the funny papers and Bond world, divorced by Rupert Murdoch, reportedly either for a quicky with Tony Blair or so he could marry Mick Jagger’s ex, Jerry Hall, is now hanging with Vladimir Putin and also – dum da dum dum – holidaying with Ivanka? Ah, how I hate cheap, sleazy gossip.

Who is drawing up the White House enemies list? For the Putin-friendly Flynn/Bannon/Miller psychopathy, it may well be as simple that Russians are “white” while in their sick vocabulary Mexicans, Chinese, Arabs and Persians are not.

Let’s take a second to give General Flynn a break. By all accounts, he has been a first-class warrior, doing the jobs the government has asked him to do. Whether effective action in operations like invading Grenada, Haiti and Iraq was really worth doing is another thing. It looks like politics was not his thing. He didn’t quite get the difference between National Security Adviser and battlefield officer. Trump, maestro of the incorrigibly superficial, probably picked him for his sharp features and steely gaze, and lifelong training to follow orders. Even though he worked in parts of the military that reward initiative, it is hard to get convinced that he stepped over the legal line with the Russian ambassador on his own intiative. He has fallen on his sword for somebody.

Trumpy is on TV right now, at this moment, sounding insane, bulldozing more BS onto one of his favorite scapegoat stories, Iran.

Iran is positioned as an adversary largely because the CIA conspired with MI6 to topple Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953, because Iran under his government was going to take control of its own oil resources, a clear crime against the interests of BP and Exxon. They got rid of the democratically elected government and installed Reza Pahlavi as Shah. While “westernizing” and secularizing fast, with obsequious deference in an emperor’s uniform to the US and western oil companies, Reza Shah brutally suppressed any opposition or democratic movements for a few decades, rendering his country vulnerable to a religious backlash. In 1979, the Islamists were the faction who kicked the tyrant out and seized power in a wild rebellion that unleashed a lot of hell and rained fuel and sparks on the Shi’a/Sunni interface.

It took 26 years, but the country got its oil back anyway, and Khomeini was a more destructive opponent than Mossadegh. It does not seem to have served as a lesson to the interventionists.

Trump and other war provocateurs call Iran the biggest funder of terrorism in the world. It’s not. Our cherished ally Sa’udi Arabia is, but they privatize the cash flow to ISIS and Al Qaeda, who actually do attack the West – mostly Europe. Iran’s clients for the most part do not. The family of Saudi royal robbers maintains sufficient deniability to allow the US to claim its hands are clean.

Iran supports Shi’a causes and movements, including Hezbollah and the Houthis. Israel and the US classify them as “terrorists,” but they are political/military defense organizations opposing certain perceived enemies: Wahhabi Sunni oppression, Euro-American latter-day colonialism, and Israel, which they (with some justification) consider its current agent. From Hezbollah’s point of view, the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon was a “terrorist” act.

Under the US’s rules of asymmetrical warfare, as far as I can determine them by observation, invasion and occupation are legal, honorable and patriotic; retaliation and resistance are terrorist, sneaky, murderous and cowardly. If we believe this tripe, we deserve to have our screens infected by the likes of Stephen Miller and his representative on Earth, the White Princess of Spiritual Demise, Kellyanne.

The terrorist threat is a scam anyway, but to focus on these Shi’a groups, Hezbollah and the Houthis oppose the Empire, but are no serious threat to the US “homeland.” What threat they pose is retaliation for real terror that drops from the skies, delivered by Sa’udi pilots driving planes made in the USA. They are against imperialism, Israel and Saudi Arabia, which promote fundamentalist Sunni Wahhabis, who persecute Shi’ites in some countries and are the bedrock and support of the Jihadi movements that our governmental fearmongers claim to want to destroy by the method proven ineffective – starting more wars. I believe the Sa’udi religious police go as far as declaring some Shi’a holidays illegal and punishing people who celebrate them by the usual Sa’udi repertoire of penalties.

The Breitbart, Drudge and Fox stories about Shari’a in Michigan and no-go areas in Birmingham are just the usual bad odors from those brands of loo paper. Hezbollah and the Houthis mostly want us to go away. The Houthi in Yemen are in rebellion against the central government, seeking some kind of autonomy in predominantly Shi’a areas. They managed to take over the government in the capital, Sana’a, in 2015. Saudi Arabia attacks them with jet fighters, bombs and drones provided, of course, by the United States, frequently raining death and mayhem on hospitals, weddings and religious festivals. Trump wanted to get in on the action. Like the military action succeeding well against ISIS, in the spirit of his lifelong career as a thief, he wants to claim the win for himself.

The royal Saud clan calls them “terrorists,” the annoying trigger word to justify everything. I am not saying that the Houthi movement is nice people. Their slogan is, “God is great, death to the US, death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory for Islam.” Not very friendly, but move some of the words around and you have language that fits a couple of Trump’s house lunatics. The real terrorists in Yemen, the people bombing weddings, killing kids and even American military in the wrong place at the wrong time, are the Saudi military and us. Trump’s first military attempt, a disastrous, messy massacre, was a terror attack in Yemen. Back in the days of Lawrence of Arabia, Faisal al Sa’ud wanted to conquer Yemen and incorporate it in the Saudi territory. They did not succeed then. We might wonder whether they are trying again, with the US as the royal family’s cat’s paw and Iran cast as bogeyman.

Sa’udi, meanwhile, is the main funder of ISIS, and joins it in a merry festival of decapitation and savage medieval Islamism.

Are any of these players good guys? Not that I can see. These are all tough customers trying to win points over the others. Just don’t let Trump or the Republicans of either party tell you that Iran is the bad guy. In the Catch-22 tradition, the Majlis in Tehran and Mullahs of Qom are a whole lot less likely to kill you than the fascist coup in Washington, if it succeeds.


Bback to Flynn, Pence and whatsisname, 45. They miss us.

Why is Flynn’s illegal contact being pegged to Pence? Could it be true that Flynn concealed information from the Veep? If true, is it the real reason for firing him?

With or without connivance of the WH Gang in Flynn’s calls, that would suggest that Pence represents puritanical evangelical conservatives who may distrust the conspiracy crowd, and might be uncomfortable with secret intrigue with Russian ambassadors. Flynn’s phone sex with Putin’s reps is well within Trump’s and Bannon’s no-tell motel business, but possibly does not sit right with the midwestern church warden. That would place Pence outside the Rasputin circle, which would place him in some other group of would-be Machiavellis.

Puritanical reactionary bed- and bathroom-obsessed fantasists are pretty much as distasteful as anarchic law- and constitution-despising fascistic fantasists. Dump them all, and all who sail in them. But note that we may have glimpsed one of the factions, which if the wind blows fair, will bring this house of marked cards down.

“Some of Flynn’s former military colleagues, even those from whom he’s drifted apart in recent years, told me they were skeptical that Flynn would have conducted shadow diplomacy on his own. Despite his reputation as an agitator, he was, in the end, a soldier who followed orders, they said.

“This story is bigger than Mike Flynn,” the senior military intelligence official said. “Who told Mike to go do this? I think somebody said, ‘Mike, you’ve got some contacts. Let them know it’s gonna be all right.’ Mike’s a soldier. He did not go rogue.” ”

New Yorker, “Michael Flynn, General Chaos,” by Nicholas Schmidle, issue of 27 February 2017♦

When Trump tried to say that he had not heard any report about Flynn’s violation of the Logan act, he was clearly lying. You couldn’t miss it. A polygraph operator would have broken out laughing.

But when he goes on about five million phantom voters and people bused from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote again – not clear who for – he is cheerful, triumphant, radiant in his plastic smile. He might have been laughing, if he knew how to do that. When he goes on about the threat to “our nation” from returning students and poor refugees who have lived hungry in tents for two or three years while the slow process of State Department vetting grinds on, or the grand and utterly fictional benefits his boondoggle of a construction project on the Mexican border will be, he looks happy, folded into his sick mental element, eliciting cheap cheers from hired shills and unthinking audiences fueled by aggressive expression.

That is telling us, if we listen, that he believes this stuff. The difference between Trump lying and Trump strutting is clear: he believes it. Bannon and Miller, Breitbart, Fox and Drudge are feeding garbage into his feed trough and he is processing it into bullshit. He believes his own BS.

In other word, Ladies and Gentlemen, your so-called President is as mad as a hatter. Right out there in public for the world to see, your President is a nut case. On top of all his clinical complexes and phobias, he is just crazy.

Gabriel, my son, occasional NOLAscape reader and still a Trump-watcher, is a British actor. He reads the history and literature of the Tudor and Jacobean periods, and spent some time reviewing old videos of Trump. He noticed that his skin color used to be closer to normal and he spoke English in complete sentences. He spoke without substituting grimacing, mugging and hand and finger gestures for reason and completing thoughts. The thoughts were sometimes savage and stupid, like his Central Park Five period, or charged with lies and self-aggrandizement, but he was something like a normal person. Gabriel pointed out that if a historian observed these changes in a 15th or 16th century figure, the suspected cause would usually be syphilis.

Trump used to boast of promiscuity; now he reassures us that he would stay clear of Russian hookers because he is a “germophobe.” Could some microbes have sneaked by Dr. Bornstein? I’m jus’ sayin’, ya know . . .

Not only Jake Tapper can see the madness. Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping can see it. Kim Jong Un can recognize a man he could get along with, if the circumstances were right. Bannon, Miller and Netanyahu see a patient they can manipulate. Forty percent of American voters saw something the mob too often follows: a fantasist of infinite self-confidence, minuscule self-reflection, no thought for real or unintended consequences. And off we go.

Please don’t bother to object that he must be capable and cool because successful in business. If you really cannot see it yet, you are missing what the Trump eruption has exposed: success in the game of predatory capitalism does not in the least preclude lunacy. In fact, the American  corporate formula rewards a psychopath at the controls, who can roll over people and the earth without reflection or remorse in the pursuit of shareholder value. We have no reason that they would have any more compunction about manipulating a dupe to assist their sacred duties of raping and pillaging than they would of swatting a mosquito, or busting up Mexican families for headlines, or dropping bombs on Yemeni hospitals and American soldiers to cheer up King Salman al Saud. Given some of our recent governmental wonders like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Robert Gates, L. Paul Bremer, John Roberts, Antoning Scalia and now Bannon, Miller and Trump, we and our employed legislators and jurists should all be wondering whether the US Constitution is not only not proof against stupidity, shallowness and psychopathy but has managed as an unintended consequence to actively encourage it.

Your President is a front man who passed his Peter Principle level. The “unhinged” (Jake Tapper) presser was the opener in another campaign tour. Bannon and Miller are sending their celebrity pet out to play with cheering crowds. If he was less restless, they would give him a coloring book and crayons and lock him in the Oval.

But the idea they have come up with instead is to send him out campaigning, and this time your taxes, not Mercer’s and Adelson’s spare change, will pay for it.

© NOLAscape February 2017

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Geaux, Council! Yeah, Nadine!

Let’s give a High Five to our City Council!

As the Marx Brothers cover band allowed into the White House to play with big guns by a bewildered electorate continues to embarrass the country and bring us all into disrepute, with its attempted fascist coup against civil society, human decency and normal government (not that I am standing up for what passes for normal in the Imperial decline), our New Orleans City Council passed a resolution introduced by our downtown favorite Nadine Ramsey to condemn and oppose the illegal Muslim Ban.

Congratulations, team. Let’s be a sanctuary city!

The Muslim Ban, in case anybody has not noticed, is an intentional provocation by the First Triumvirate (Mercer, Bannon and Trump) as the 9/11 attacks were a provocation by Al Qaeda, and most Jihadi attacks in the West are. Bin Laden wanted to incite a counter-attack to galvanize Arab and Islamic countries against Western infidel civilization. W & co. were the useful idiots who gave him the game.

A primary goal of ISIS and others in the Jihad movement is to impede assimilation and exacerbate friction between Muslims and others in the majority Christian countries of Europe and America. Irrational attacks generate conflict between both rational secularists and Christians on one side and Muslims on the other, so the Jihadis can show that both Christianity and the secular West are at war against Islam and Muslims. The Jihadis, the American spear-shakers and some of the European nationalists agree that a big war would be quite a nice thing.

It is of course good that the courts are blocking this move by our aspiring tyranny, restricting at least some of their ability to harm and destroy people. Anything that reduces or limits the inhumanity and cruelty that these psychopathic corporate cat’s paws get up to, and seem to take pleasure in, is good. But just by continuing to have Trump shout about it, Bannon can think he is advancing toward the cracked fantasy he calls the “Fourth Turning.” I am not sure what it means in his twisted brain; what it would mean for us is a long nightmare full of blood and death.

Blocking refugees, new immigrants and green card holders would do nothing to protect the people of this country or any other, but promoting Islamophobia sets up opportunities for crisis capitalism and apocalyptic crazy games, while feeding material to the Jihadi groups to demonstrate that the U.S.A. intends to declare war on Islam. (Does it? Hard to say.)

The move is either crazy, stupid or both. I vote for both. The White House has been captured by a crime family, but The Godfather they ain’t. This is the bottom of the pezzonovanti barrel.

Trump declares a crisis or two every day, as protective cover for some repressive move. Today it is a few steps towards a police state. We will see a resurgence of brutality within a few days. The steady march against truth, sanity and meaning will either wear people down so they accept the Mercer/Bannon/Trump coup d’etat (“resistance fatigue”) or provoke a rebellion, which might – let’s hope – enable a successful mid-term congressional change followed by a successful impeachment and a Congress with spine enough to paint President Pence into a tight corner.

At least the Triumvirate is liberating us from that “exceptional nation” rubbish, that was always awful, then raised to suffocating smarminess in the Reagan period. You would need an exceptionally thick skin to try that on now, and you would have to believe that your listener was unaware and a moron to think he or she would accept it.

So Geaux, Council! Yeah, Nadine!

©NOLAscape February 2016

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