Riverfront Overlay

Riverfront People! Especially of the Bywater and Marigny persuasions, but we are very democratic and inclusive – all are welcome. This is the full text of Bywater Neighborhood Associations’ letter of recommendation to Mr Robert Rivers of the City Planning Commission. It is signed off by the BNA Board of Directors, but the analysis and text are by the Zoning Continue reading Riverfront Overlay

Costello and Me

Look what NOLAscape got in Comments from Chris Costello, former president of Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association, leading urban warrior against the Elisio Lofts apartments project on Elysian Fields: “What happened to your percolating story about me? What a joke this site is. I win. Loser.” He had enough characters left to add “SAD!” like the other ethically unsuitable guy in Continue reading Costello and Me

Density v. FAR (Floor Area Ratio)

Density v. FAR (Floor Area Ratio) This is technical. If you are not interested in the riverfront Development problem, you might find it boring. If  you are, it might be important, because some people are mixing terms and muddling discussions.  I will try to keep it short. In “Riverfront Wars,” I discussed why Bywater needs more people. Density. In other words, population. Continue reading Density v. FAR (Floor Area Ratio)

The Riverfront Wars

Hurrah, Hurray, The Riverfront Overlay Is back in play. Such fun. Olé. Or words to that effect . . . . The Riverfront Wars Another episode of the Downriver New Orleans Mississippi Riverfront War is under way. The DNOMRW. No terrorists, no drones. Conventional weapons only. Too late to stop it now. The English language needs more words for war. Continue reading The Riverfront Wars


While the next piece on the New Orleans “Security” Plan is ripening on the windowsill in the sun, here is the first episode in a new department: Political Philosophy. PoliPhi. Political Science is PoliSci, but it is not really scientific, is it? PoliPhi is the way to go. Whether Platonic or Aristotelian, Epicurean or Stoic, Keynesian or Marxist, Cartesian, Russell or Continue reading Poli-Phi