Monumental Muddle

. . . or just the way we like it? The stiff, stilted statue of Jefferson Davis is down. Moving the old president of a failed rebellion launched with shameful intent whose main product was mass death could have been part of a positive statement, not a sneak in the night by helmeted, disguised, flak-jacketed riggers protected by armored police, Continue reading Monumental Muddle

Riverfront Overlay, Chapter 3

Or is it four? Anyway, following up Saturday’s post of Bywater Neighborhood Association’s letter of recommendation for adjustment and management of the riverfront overlay, here is another – mine. It agrees generally with Bywater NA’s, with an additional idea, which I think is worth some attention by CPC and Council. MJL-6 requires buildings applying for a height “bonus” above the Continue reading Riverfront Overlay, Chapter 3