Conversations S1E3: Popeye

Popeye – an inspired selection for our movies series. It’s hard to think of an aspect of the art of film that is not superb in Popeye: a great director on top form directing superb actors, the sets, colors, sound, songs . . . but I should quiet down and let Henry and Jonathan tell you about it. If you Continue reading Conversations S1E3: Popeye

Good News, Bad News

Bannon is out but don’t forget: we are still the China shop and the rodeo clowns trying to corral the tormented, crazy bull may just be three generals. If we were seeing that in another country, we would suspect the scene was being set for a military coup. GOOD NEWS: Bannon is out. BAD NEWS: The other fool – whatsisname, Continue reading Good News, Bad News

Trump Dump, Season 1 Episode 2 

  Trump went tweety again. Kelly, the new babysitter, couldn’t stop him. Even if he could have, it’s too late to mask the undeniable: the “president” is not only a thief and alpha asshole, but on top of a psycho profile constructed of a mixed bag of symptoms usually called mental “illness” (not quite the right word, because he thrives Continue reading Trump Dump, Season 1 Episode 2 

Conversations S1Ep2: In the Mood for Love

Here is another Conversation in our new podcast series on great movies, featuring Henry Griffin and Jonathan Freilich. Henry is a scriptwriter, script doctor, movie expert and professor of film at UNO. Jonathan is a multi-faceted musician and composer, founder and leader of several signature bands, who sometimes writes and applies music to video, and has taught the subject at Continue reading Conversations S1Ep2: In the Mood for Love

The Trump Dump column 

The Trump Dump column   A new NOLAscape department. Do we mean Trump is dumping on us? Or let’s dump Trump? Or dump your  old Trump junk? How about all three? The NOLAscape Trumpster is a free public service to help recovering Republicans rejoin normal society. Parked right outside our new high rise building on Chartres St. in Bywater’s vibrant Continue reading The Trump Dump column