Trumpty Dumpty

What’s Trumpty Dumpty up to with this DACA game? Just jumping up and down on his beautiful little wall, doing “Look at me!” while waiting for his great fall? Maybe he stretched out in the cool light of the full moon, alone at last, ready for some serious self-satisfaction. Russian women, Obama and Michelle, and maybe some lovely Latina Dreamers. Continue reading Trumpty Dumpty

City Elections: Council District C

  . . . . ..  I might lose some friends here, but I didn’t get into this blog game for diplomacy or flattery. It should be operatic. Nadine Ramsey beat Jackie Clarkson to replace Kristin Gisleson Palmer, to use her full sonorous trochaic/dactylic brand name. when she opted out of the last election, citing family reasons. Clarkson was termed Continue reading City Elections: Council District C