Conversation with CM Nadine Ramsey

I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes this morning with Council Member Nadine Ramsey, Council Member for District C and Candidate to hold the seat in the election coming up in just two days. It was a busy day – a Council Meeting and a special event for breast cancer awareness. To make it even more exciting, we Continue reading Conversation with CM Nadine Ramsey

The NRA is our most deadly terrorist organization

It’s a few days now, but the hypocrisy is still rising. When death strikes heavy blows in public, Americans, especially politicians in their most unctuous, hypocritical mode, slide easily into the “thoughts and prayers” thing. This will probably offend some of my religious friends, but the idea makes me feel queasy. I imagine thousands of people with sad clown expressions Continue reading The NRA is our most deadly terrorist organization

Conversations S1E4: Forty Guns

What a film. I had never seen or even heard of it until Henry and Jonathan put it in the frame for a Conversation. From one point of view, it can look like a collection of horse opera clichés. A pace or two to the side to let the light hit it from another angle, and it is Sophocles set Continue reading Conversations S1E4: Forty Guns