Pants Down, Hood On

“White Space” was about crypto-racism. This morning something popped into my inbox that doesn’t even bother with the racial codes. It’s just out there. It shows us a part of White Space that we might call Bottom Feeder Space, occupied by the French Quarter residentialists with their drawers down, trying on a pointy hat. Most of us are aware of Continue reading Pants Down, Hood On

Getting on Their Case

  Something really fun dropped into the in-box last night. A friend sent me a copy of View, the VCPORA newsletter, of September 2007. The title is the obvious pun on Vieux CarrĂ©, the twee name for the French Quarter the clubs like to use. It sounds more authentic. ‘Vieux’ in French sounds like ‘view’. Get it? In New Orleans Continue reading Getting on Their Case

Riverview 2: The List of Shame. Plus more.

  The news about Riverview is like the news about Malaysian Airlines flight 370: no news. We are now searching the Indian Ocean for any sign of a black box that might contain a sign of human decency surviving VCPORA’s moral collapse. Catch-up: VCPORA sponsored a dragnet of T-shirt shops last September. Meg Lousteau, Exec and general dragon lady of Continue reading Riverview 2: The List of Shame. Plus more.

The T-Witch Hunt

Monday 12 May, 10.00 AM, Council Chamber, Palazzo Perdido: next episode of The T-Witch Hunt, live. Admission free. It is not like a Council committee session or the Supreme Court. The seven members of the Board of Zoning Adjustment maintain dignity throughout the session. The participants on both sides, and the lawyers, will maintain serious mien, discussing grandfathering, technical zoning Continue reading The T-Witch Hunt

The Sunday not-so-Funnies

Anyone for Puccini? Thursday’s council session, this council’s last, was the stuff of a three-act opera in reverse. Flowers, bows and farewells were first, conflict and confusion ruled the end. Working title: Kristin’s Last Stand, or Eclipse in the Afternoon. One of the motifs will come from Hannah Kreiger-Benson’s comment: “They are either terribly misinformed or wildly misleading, neither of Continue reading The Sunday not-so-Funnies

Tomorrow Morning redux

“Tomorrow Morning” happened. Pretty good. Very good, really. CM Kristin Palmer’s summary of the situation and guidance of the meeting was fair, focused and efficient. Dave Woolworth was realistic, factual and practical. This is no fun at all. Can’t get any jokes out of people doing things right. Everything seems to be moving right along toward a good outcome of Continue reading Tomorrow Morning redux

Pitchfork Pieces 2

“Nola Tourism Economy” sent us the link supposed to show Kristin Palmer proposing to set Meg Lousteau up as Sheriff Meg. You can see it in the Comments to the first Pitchfork Pieces. The CM’s comment was tongue in cheek, signaled by a wink and a nod. She was making the point that Mlle. Lousteau and the VCPORA Irregulars are Continue reading Pitchfork Pieces 2