A Letter to Senator Murray and Representative Moreno – 2

This is another letter sent by an interested citizen to Senator Ed Murray and Representative Helena Moreno about VCPORA’s latest attempt to undermine FQMD. In case anyone has forgotten, it was FQMD that sponsored Dave Woolworth’s public, transparent sound analysis of Bourbon Street. Transparency spooks them. They seem to prefer Star Chamber processes. Dear Sen. Murray and Rep. Moreno, There Continue reading A Letter to Senator Murray and Representative Moreno – 2

The Sunday not-so-Funnies

Anyone for Puccini? Thursday’s council session, this council’s last, was the stuff of a three-act opera in reverse. Flowers, bows and farewells were first, conflict and confusion ruled the end. Working title: Kristin’s Last Stand, or Eclipse in the Afternoon. One of the motifs will come from Hannah Kreiger-Benson’s comment: “They are either terribly misinformed or wildly misleading, neither of Continue reading The Sunday not-so-Funnies

Curfew Constitutionality

This article is reprinted with permission of Ashlye Keaton, New Orleans based entertainment attorney and musicians’ advocate, Adjunct Asst. Professor of Law at Tulane, who has worked for years on city sound and music issues. Going on five years now, the noise ordinance has been an issue that we have been working to resolve. The stimulus for establishing the first Continue reading Curfew Constitutionality

The Law Zapper

Behold the Lord High Executioner A personage of noble rank and title — A dignified and potent officer, Whose functions are particularly vital! Defer, defer, To the Lord High Executioner! Defer, defer, To the noble Lord, to the noble Lord, To the Lord High Executioner! Tomorrow at the Housing and Human Needs Committee at Council Hall, and then Thursday at Continue reading The Law Zapper

French Quarter Advocates’ Emerging Position on Sound Ordinance

Linda Malin, co-founder of the new French Quarter focused organization French Quarter Advocates. Since the initial organization meeting of French Quarter Advocates was just one week ago, and the organization is still in the process of being created, I cannot talk for FQA, but can only express my personal opinion. FQA has adopted a policy of listening to all members Continue reading French Quarter Advocates’ Emerging Position on Sound Ordinance

Jan Ramsey’s Seven

No, it’s not a new brass band. Jan Ramsey of Offbeat has proposed a new set of guidelines for the next Music/Sound Ordinance: The City Council should heed the work performed by David Woolworth and use his recommendations in any ordinance that’s proposed. There should be reasonable limits set up, maybe even on a block-by-block basis so that there’s no Continue reading Jan Ramsey’s Seven