Conversation with CM Nadine Ramsey

I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes this morning with Council Member Nadine Ramsey, Council Member for District C and Candidate to hold the seat in the election coming up in just two days.

It was a busy day – a Council Meeting and a special event for breast cancer awareness.

To make it even more exciting, we (NOLAscape, not Ms Ramsey) had every technical problem I can think of, from some of the recording equipment not working to format conversion that I still don’t understand, setting us back about four hours.

I always like discussing issues from the general to the most particular with Ms. Ramsey. She is affable, patient, logical and practical, avoiding slogan politics like “more police!” or “No STRs!” for real-world principles and practical solutions to real-world practical problems. Nadine Ramsey knows thay more police and more weapons alone won’t solve our crime rate – that you have to get stuck into the causes of crime. She knows that you can’t minimize the impact of short-term rental by prohibition and crackdowns for show. You have to deal with it by careful management to get best net benefit and least negative impact.

But that’s enough from me. Our interview was just 16 minutes, so let’s let Nadine Ramsey tell it herself.

If you have friends interested in District C who might not be NOLAscape subscribers, please forward the links. Election’s coming – information is good.

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