Conversations S1Ep2: In the Mood for Love

Here is another Conversation in our new podcast series on great movies, featuring Henry Griffin and Jonathan Freilich.

Henry is a scriptwriter, script doctor, movie expert and professor of film at UNO.

Jonathan is a multi-faceted musician and composer, founder and leader of several signature bands, who sometimes writes and applies music to video, and has taught the subject at NOCCA.

The movies we will be discussing are truly international and eclectic. Some will be arthouse or familiar American, French or Italian great films. Others will be works combining great art and great entertainment from Japan, China, India – anywhere you can find great directors and great movies, and that is almost everywhere.

Some of these movies will never have made it to theaters in New Orleans, but now there are great resources available for recent and classic movies in Amazon, Netflix, sometimes YouTube and especially Filmstruck. If you don’t know Filmstruck, check it out.

In the Mood for Love

In this episode Henry and Jonathan discuss In the Mood for Love. If you don’t know this film or the work of Chinese director Wong Kar-Wei, I would suggest diving in. In the Mood for Love is a visual and auditory feast that you can watch over and over, like you look at a great painting or statue again and again. Color, sound, image, movement, quiet passion, powerful emotion powerfully restrained – it’s special.

Suggestion from the amateur (me): think about the title again after you watch the film.

Some intro facts:

Wong Kar Wai



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