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National Embarrassment Undaunted


I called it. Right? Should have had a bet on it.

Trump turned on LaPierre and the NRA fast.

Remember Tricky Dick? Tricky Trumpy found a way to piss in LaPierre’s pocket without even a sliding, sleazy brush up across the sensual butt of sanity.

Yes, you would buy a used car from this man. An hour later you might be hanging over the bog, throwing up everything you ever believed as an especially virulent strain of buyer’s remorse attacked your amygdala, especially if he shook your hand. But 39% of us would have bought that lemon.  

“Take the guns,” Dracula tells the cops. Now the NRA is split between the followers of LaPierre, in NRA context the mainstram insane, and the Renfield syndrome zombies turning toward the Dark Messenger. 

Prediction: LaPierre won’t last long. Our supine congress creatures will have lost its fear of the NRA. Trump will own its message, which will change from day to day. The cherished US institution of spree murder won’t know who to shoot next.

There’s a ton of reference. Try this one:

Imagine Darth Vader without the Jedi training, intelligence and mind control. Just the twisted mind, sick intentions, damaged body and bad hair. That’s your president, folks. And don’t forget his lovely First Family. Ivanka the Smarm and Consort Jared the Insecure, Jared the Future Pardoned; and doughty First Idiots Uday and Qusay, Melanoma the Silent, and let’s not leave out the concubines, however fleeting. Have you noticed that Stormy Daniels is the most attractive person in this primate menagerie?

The Skywalker side of the story is that Trump is still on defensive and damage control against the vocal kids of Parkland. They kicked his ass quick. His mission is to regain the headlines. The Parkland students are still smarter than the dark side. If “the media” have the sense and balls to keep giving them space, they can still clean his clock.

Are we on the last page of a horror comic or the beginning of a series?

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