Morvern Callar

Movie Conversation is back! Finally.

Everybody was always somewhere else or hustling or something.

Now we are trying to get a real schedule set up: one new podcast every two weeks to start, and edit and publish within a maximum of three days from recording. How’s that for a hostage to fortune?

Morvern Callar is a 2002 film by Glaswegian director Lynne Ramsey, who then did not direct another until We Need to Talk about Kevin in 2011 – an uncomfortable film, now even more so in the wake of Parkland.

NOTE: NOLAscape podcasts are posted on iTunes, searchable under NOLAscape. As of this posting, Morvern Callar has not reached its iTunes site yet, but it will.  I will send the specific reference when Apple posts it.


Ⓒ NOLAscape February 2018

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