The Trump Dump column 

The Trump Dump column   A new NOLAscape department. Do we mean Trump is dumping on us? Or let’s dump Trump? Or dump your  old Trump junk? How about all three? The NOLAscape Trumpster is a free public service to help recovering Republicans rejoin normal society. Parked right outside our new high rise building on Chartres St. in Bywater’s vibrant Continue reading The Trump Dump column 

The Private Option

Despite Trump’s speech Monday, ridiculous, mendacious, inappropriate and embarrassing, as expected, he said something right: the ACA is not a good system of medical care delivery. It is the worst healthcare system among economically advanced countries.  There are two worse systems, though. The private insurance hustle without the ACA that the US had before, and all of the vicious tax Continue reading The Private Option

The Riverfront tempest moved to a new teapot

The Riverfront tempest moved to the Council chamber’s teapot Tuesday, for a match before the City Planning Commission. But just before we raise the curtain, I suggest reading the quote below, and the quote within the quote. I lifted it from an email. I’m not sure if I am supposed to say who it is from. Oh, well . . .  Continue reading The Riverfront tempest moved to a new teapot

The Riverfront: NFB’s Attack on the Future

The organized opposition to sound development and a healthy future in Bywater is a group called Neighbors First. The name tells us a lot. Bywater Neighborhood Association considers the whole area, Bywater tout ensemble – the greatest benefit for the greatest number, and with careful thought for the future. Neighbors First focuses on the nice couple next door with more Continue reading The Riverfront: NFB’s Attack on the Future

Riverfront – aux armes, citoyens!

Tuesday, 6/27. That’s this Tuesday coming up. The Riverside Overlay is on City Planning’s agenda, in the Council Chamber, in the afternoon. We could add, Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe, because the neighborhood reactionaries and the old and young fogies who prefer – and have so far successfully maintained – eternal wrangle and snarl and hot air to reality, Continue reading Riverfront – aux armes, citoyens!

The Riverfront prepares for battle – opening shots

I’m on a soapbox here. Think William Jennings Bryan, Elmer Gantry or Marcus Antonius  Brando. I want to get you to do something. It’s a good thing to do. Right thinking folk will want to do it. It’s not hard. It only takes a few minutes. My mission today is to push you over a very small hump.  Listen to Continue reading The Riverfront prepares for battle – opening shots

Riverfront – Some History

I wanted to get the software revamp complete before any new arcticles, but it isn’t done yet, and some interesting stuff is piling up. Sean Cummings brought this to my attention. Visionary ideas of ten years ago, and what do we have so far? Crescent Park, underused. No sports, no games, no music no events. Why? One of the sad reasons Continue reading Riverfront – Some History

Riverfront 3

The Bywater Neighborhood Association’s Zoning Committee met Tuesday (May 30). The meetings are public, but hardly anybody comes. Even some of the committee members forget to come. They scraped up a quorum, but this level of coolness is not good. BNA’s zoning committee, steered by Chairman Mary Ann Hammett, is a very smart, well-organized and well-informed citizen group addressing neighborhood Continue reading Riverfront 3