The NRA is our most deadly terrorist organization

It’s a few days now, but the hypocrisy is still rising.

When death strikes heavy blows in public, Americans, especially politicians in their most unctuous, hypocritical mode, slide easily into the “thoughts and prayers” thing. This will probably offend some of my religious friends, but the idea makes me feel queasy. I imagine thousands of people with sad clown expressions mumbling stuff to an Old Guy in the Sky, asking their imaginary supernatural boss to be especially kind to the newly killed, their mourning friends and relatives, and others like themselves, basking in impotent grief and possibly relief.

Maybe there is an excuse for this kind of behavior when the causes are outside of ourselves – hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides. But when the causes are within human character and social organization – yecch.

I don’t like rogatory prayers. Rituals, okay. Conditionally. Rituals have rhythm. Words, mantras, hymns, psalms and formal compositions called “prayers” as components of rituals, okay, For everyday use, they beat public slaughter of chickens and goats. Maybe prayers as dramatic windows into the thoughts or character of a person, like Tevye talking to God, okay. But sitting still inside your own head, using God not as an image, avatar, idea or mirror for self-awareness, believing that there is an invisible supernatural agent that you ask, as if he or she was real, to do things that you will not do and will not force your elected government to do – that is a sick-making sight.

59 more people killed and over 500 shot by bad law, bad politics, gun manufacturers and their front organization, the NRA, when the assembled supernaturalists of the nation bow their heads and mumble inanities instead of standing up and doing something – I get off of that bus, quick, before I have to throw up in public. I am not standing with the prayers.

If they perform those gestures later, to meditate a moment on the ugly old poisons buried in our limbic brains that sometimes get loose, okay. But first, citizens: do your damn’ job. Defang the disgusting organization that sells the idea that personal freedom, affirmation and power come from holding murder weapons in your hands, weapons manufactured and sold by its paymasters, caressing them, making love to them in your diseased, addicted mind. The NRA is America’s worst terrorist organization. The worst. Its death toll makes ISIS in the west look like a hobby business.

Isis and Al Qaeda must be trying to catch up with the NRA. Al Baghdadi surely studies videos of Wayne La Pierre to learn how he gets the support of millions of Americans and the majority of government hacks while cheerfully simultaneously claiming and denying responsibility for thousands of murders and suicides every year,

Al Baghdadi and his counterparts in Al Qaeda and other operators of death cults see how money does it. Americans are fooled by the NRA’s act. It must make the lords of ISIS smile over their mint tea, watching the corruption of the declining empire. Little different than any “third world” political hustler, Americans are often less expensive. Our imperial minions just need some campaign contributions and maybe a speaking offer and a second-hand velvet glove to cover their rusty hand. Check out John Thune, Republican senator of South Dakota, for the mechanism, or Mitch McConnell, to watch a quiet master of hypocrisy and subservience to the corporate oligarchy at work.

It’s an empire for sale, and the NRA knows its price. When the jihadis negotiate their price, as the NRA has, and work out the right combination of campaign donations, revolving doors and bribes to getting the mental and spiritual giants of our capitols on board, beware. Wayne La Pierre operates the process. how hard can it be?

The NRA and the other misinterpreters of the Second Amendment are going to get you killed. Forget thoughts and prayers. Stand up to them. Put them down. It is offensive that we even have to hear about these homicidal morons. We may lose, but discretion is not called for.

For more on this subject. Jeremy Scahill’s Intercepted for today just rolled in.

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